Cash Management

Our balance sheet template, cash flow statement, income statement template, and budgeting worksheets help with all your small business accounting needs.

Amira's Story

Learn how to better understand and manage your finances and access financing through Amira's story example.

Balance Sheet

Learn about how to create and analyze your balance sheet, which is a snapshot of your business at a certain point in time.

Budgeting as an Effective Control Tool

Review these budgeting techniques to evaluate your business's performance. The article focuses on how to develop a budget and how to use it as a control tool.

Cash Forecasting

Learn how to prepare a cash forecast to see where you may need additional funding in the future.

Controlling Costs

Learn four easy steps to control your costs and increase the profitability of your business.

Current Ratio

This ratio measures the ability of the business to pay off all short-term debts and borrowings using the value of current assets (stocks or inventories, cash, and short term loans).

Debt to Asset Ratio

This ratio measures the extent to which the assets of the business are funded by loans and other borrowings including trade creditors.

Debt to Equity Ratio

This ratio measures the extent to which the owners' equity (including retained earnings) is available to fund the debts of the business.


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Gross Profit Margin

This ratio is used mainly for manufacturing businesses or those that purchase and further develop materials for sale. It measures the value added to purchased materials through the manufacturing or development process.

Importance of Liquidity

As a business owner, it is vital to understand the liquidity of your company. Discover how to determine your optimal level of liquidity.

Income Statement

Learn how to create and analyze an income statement in order to help you plan the future of your business.

Introduction to Costs

Learn what direct and indirect costs are, how they are different from expenses, and how you can calculate the break-even point of your business.

Knowing Your Key Numbers

This article provides clear explanations of key financial terms and describes how to use finance and accounting staff better manage your business.

Loan Repayment Calculator

This calculator doesn't measure performance, but rather shows what the monthly repayments would be for a loan of a given amount over a given period at a given rate of interest. This will be very helpful when considering borrowing from a lender.


Find tools and tips to help you as you manage your growth day to day challenges and opportunities.

Operating Profit Margin

This is similar to the gross profit margin, except it measures the extent to which the total sales figure is converted into profit after the normal costs of running the business have been met.

Profitability Ratios

Get to know how you can use profitability ratios to evaluate if your company is doing well.

Quick Ratio

This is a very similar ratio to the current ratio. The difference is that stocks or inventories are deducted from the current assets figure.

Return of Equity

This is a measure of the return that owners of the business make on their investment. In an owner owned business, it represents the rate at which profit is being generated for every currency unit invested (including retained capital).

Return on Assets Employed

This measures how much profit is generated from using the assets of the business. One of the true skills of managing a business is to get the best use out of assets and to maximise the profit from each asset employed.

Sample Collection Letters

Need to write a collection letter to collect a delinquent account? Review these three sample collection letters, each designed with a different purpose.

The Cashflow Statement

Learn how to create a cash flow statement and what to do if your business falls short of cash.

When Things Go Wrong

This article provides a useful guide on how to deal with common, and not so common, occurrences that could threaten your business.

Women in Business Stories

Meet entrepreneurs who are at crossroads of their business life. See what worked or didn’t work for them, as you prepare your own business for important steps.