Running a Successful Business Learning Path

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Already have a business but you know that it could run more effectively and efficiently? Need help with managing employees, providing good customer service, running your operations, getting your products ready, or dealing with issues? Follow this learning path to discover the tools and information you need to make your business a success.

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1. Employees

Empower your staff to build the company's success by setting up the staffing, managing and rewarding employees, and following human resource laws.

1.1 Setting up Staffing 1.2 Managing Employees 1.3 Employee Performance 1.4 Labor Laws/Regulations 1.5 Employee Departure 1.6 Employee Outsourcing

2. Customers/Clients

Provide your customers great service and glean their feedback to make your company better.

2.1 Customer Service 2.2 Customer Feedback 2.3 Extending Credit

3. Operations

Enable the structural parts of your business to support your success.

3.1 Office Setup/Supplies 3.2 Resource Efficiency 3.3 Safety and Security 3.4 Environmental 3.5 Inventory 3.6 Vendors 3.7 Project Management

4. Products

Plan for product development and profitability. If you offer services, focus on building your team's skills and honing your offerings.

4.1 Product Development 4.2 Product Planning 4.3 Profitability

5. Managing Your Finances

Follow the learning path on Managing Your Finances to discover how-to articles, videos, tools, and downloadable templates that will support you in the basics of financial management.

6. Common Issues

Use your resources and learn from others when you face problems in your business.

6.1 Fixing Problems and Getting Prepared 6.2 Optimizing Resources 6.3 Intellectual Property 6.4 Corruption and Fraud 6.5 Delinquent Accounts